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Extract of the contents of Nrs. 1 to 9, issued between Oct.1997 and Dec.1999

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Aigle impériale
115e Hessois
Cuirassier 1870
Meckl.Strelitz distrikt Hussaren Tschako
The helmet of the quarter (presentation of an helmet or a shako in each Nr.)
Glossary: Infantry
What means 'Suum Cuique', Semper Talis,
Clothing of the German soldier in 1903
Uniforms of the army of the empire German Empire from 1870 to 1914 (a detailed article in each Nr.).:
      the infantry, (headgears, Waffenrock, badges of ranks,
      the riffles (light infantry) scharpshooters and machine-gun detachments;
      the Prussian cuirassiers and the Bavarian and Saxon Schweres Reiters,
      the dragoons and the Chevaulegers (light-horses) Bavarian;
      les Prussian hussars
The black Polrock of the Rgt.92 Brunswick
The mounted constabulary of Mecklembourg-Strelitz
Ceremony of foundation of the empire German in Versailles January 18, 1871.
Attribution of parade lions to the Saxon Garde Reiter Regiment in 1907

Modern Germany in 1913:
Guilds of of students,
Radio-taxicab in 1913,
The trash-cans of Berlin and Hamburg,
The rich to the hospital,
Electrical construction, world speed record on rail,
A visit to Krupp in Essen,
The Merchant navy, the emigrants,
The Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal, the tunnel under the Elbe.

Situation of the German states in 1914
The Constitution of the empire: law of April 16, 1871, military Organization, military Conventions,
The Command and its aides, the High Command, the Great Headquarters,
The Kriegspiel or war game
The 'Adjutantur' and the 'Adjutants'
The one-year-volunteers and the reserve officers
Old comrades Associations (Kriegerverein)
The book 'Germany and the next war' (1911) by General Friedrich von Bernhardi,

Anecdotes and miscellaneous topics
The last reception on board the ' Hohenzollern'
Of Chancellor Prince von Bülow's memories: the secret agent
A Bismarck's joke
Borders garrisons: the Bilse case,
Two famous faces of 1870: Count Zeppelin and general von Haeseler
Postcards and photos
Court photographers
Cigarette cards

How to get the back issues

How to get the back issues of the bulletin
Contents of back issues

Le Uhlan et The Uhlan The bulletin was issued in two versions : Le Uhlan in French and The Uhlan in English

Each issue consisted of a 24 pages booklet, size A5 (210 x 148mm), printed in small characters, with black and white picture more some additional colour pictures to glue in the booklet.

It remains me some complete sets of the 9 printed issues (few in French, some more in english).

- 38 €uros if you are resident in France, or
- 40 €uros (or US $) or 25 GBP £ if you are living out of France in Europ,
- 40 US $ to send to USA

As long as these back issues are available you can get them.
Ask by mail to Contacter LE-UHLAN , about the availability in your language (English or French).

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